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About BeyondTaos

On July 7 2014, 19-year-old TaosWebb.com took on a new name and a new design.

Webb Design Inc launched the original TaosWebb in spring of 1995 in order to give its tourism and art clients a venue on the new Worldwide Web. The site has been re-invented a number of times since then but now, in 2014, it was time for a radical change.

Here's some of the reasoning.

BeyondTaos takes TaosWebb to a new level:
•  BeyondTaos better showcases Taos’s neighboring communities and the businesses within each.
•  BeyondTaos focuses on the arts from Taos, and beyond, and their roles in the global creative community.
•  BeyondTaos, with responsive design, renders beautifully on desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens.

So many Taos websites. Here are BeyondTaos differentiators:
•  BeyondTaos Blog  – posts tell stories combining multiple communities; guest posts welcome with links to community content
•  BeyondTaos Calendars – northern NM destination event calendar and Taos (and beyond) art calendar
•  BeyondTaos Maps – all Webb Design’s printable maps plus Google embedded, GPS-enabled maps
•  Dashcam time lapse videos to give visitors the experience of driving throughout the region
•  Specials and News Items, always free for all participants
•  Social media integration

BeyondTaos does, however, play well with others:
•  The BeyondTaos Calendar feeds onto many other website, TAOS.org, and EnchantedCircle.org are just two.
•  BeyondTaos Stickers allow our partner websites to display calendar, webcam, and snow conditions on their sites in real time
•  BeyondTaos Art Calendar accepts art event and exhibition listings from all northern New Mexico communities – at no charge!